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Comes in Fries Before Guys, Burger Babe, and Donut Tell Me To Smile
A variety of sleeve lengths and styles!

I love it!

Height: 6ft2 - Waist: 38/40 - Chest: 50/52 (XL -  XXL)
Denim Shirt Size XL from Gap
Striped Jersey Tshirt XXL from Red Herring
Forest Green Track Pants 38” Waist from H&M 
Shoes Vans Paisley Edition size 11
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i knew this extra bathing suit would come in handy

I feel super self Conscious in these shorts but it’s hot and I felt cute soooooooooooo…😝 #personal


6’0, 240lbs, UK size 22.I really love the vibe of this photo. I was so comfortable in my skin.There are still gaps in my confidence, but I’m getting there, and I’m really grateful to Tumblr’s body-posi community for helping me on my journey. :)